Quarter 2 Debut: The Updates You've Been Waiting For!


Who’s excited about Envision Cloud’s Quarter 2 Updates? Here at Envision, we’ve been working to read suggestions and implement the ideas of Envision users to improve the Envision Cloud experience! We’ve enhanced appointment booking, client communication, and so much more! Be sure to keep reading to learn about a few of the new features we think take Envision Cloud to the next level:

Booking Alerts (Ultimate Only)

We know how no-shows and consistent late arrivals can throw a wrench in a service provider's day. We've heard our users and have created Booking Alerts for Envision Cloud Ultimate users! Booking Alerts are eye-catching pop-ups assigned to clients that appear when that client is attempting to book an appointment. You can choose from just a Booking Alert or Deny All Booking. If a client is set to Deny All Booking, it's important to note they will be unable to book online. An explanation can also be added to the alert, which appears in the pop-up! With Booking Alerts, you can set up appointments in the way that best fits your business! To set up a Booking Alert:

  • Clients > Client List > Select a client > Booking Alert sub-tab

Below is an example of how a booking alert would appear if a client with a booking alert attempted to schedule an appointment!

Client Communication Preferences

We all have ways we'd prefer to be communicated with! As a business, you can tailor your client communication using the Communication tab under a Client Profile. You can select how a client would receive an appointment confirmation and opt them out of SMS and/or email marketing. When clients are receiving confirmations how they want, another aspect of their experience with your business is customized to them. To set up client communication preferences: 

  • Clients > Client List > Select a client > Communication sub-tab 

Has Credit/Balance Due Icon (Preferred & Ultimate Only)

No client wants to forget they have a credit on their account that could be applied to a service, and as a business owner, you want to ensure you collect payment from clients with a balance due! The new "Has Credit/Balance Due" icon will now appear on the Appointment Schedule to denote that a client has either a balance or credit On Account. 

  • Schedule > Appointments 

These are just a few of our favorites! Quarter 2 also includes updates to client filters, the Sales Register, and more! The improvements we make are truly fueled by the feedback we receive from Envision users! If you have a suggestion for any future updates, be sure to submit them to our community site!