Envision Cloud’s Salon Software is Now Making it Easier to Earn Commission


The Right Software Makes Earning Commission Easier for Every Employee

Upgrades for you, and you, and you! Envision isn’t leaving anyone out, and yes, this includes your employees. With a nice break from Labor Day, we thought it was a MUST to include everyone in the upgrade hype. Our developers did it again, we have now added an alternate employee field to point of sale items. 

What does this mean? 

You can award an additional employee with commission. Oprah’s known for her infamous car giveaway, and we’re walking in her footsteps. We want to give your employees the level of commission they deserve and earned. So then you can say, “you earned it, AND you earned it.” 

Here’s the break down if you’re trying to add an additional employee to commission now:

Sales > Sales Register > Edit Line Item > Alt. Employee > Pick the Additional Employee slightly smiling face 

Double click on the item for the Edit Line Item screen. You’ll see the initial employee and the next option is the Alt. Employee. There is a drop-down menu you can choose another employee from. Voila, click save and you’re all set. 



Pair Your Employee’s Commission Plan with an Employee Goal Plan 

In addition, we’ve added a way to set employee goals. Similar to setting a commission plan you will go to:

Employees > Employees Options > Employee Goal Setup > Add a New Goal Plan 



Commission plans and employee goal plans are the perfect pair. Not only can your employees be rewarded properly, but employee goals can be put into play! Create personalized goals for different departments, and delegate as you wish. Employee goals can help motivate your employees to reach new heights. Employee goals can add more incentives to achieve success which can also help mental, physical, and financial well-being at work. 

Having efficient software is not only good for organizing business but with the new enhancements towards commission plans and employee goal plans allow software to pay off for clients AND employees. Making client processes and procedures can be difficult, but Envision makes running your business and obtaining client relationships simple, from anywhere, at anytime. Moreover, igniting the fire for sales in your employees can also feel like a marathon, especially, if you're working remote. Tired of running the marathon? Take a break, Envision Cloud software can run the marathon for you. Visit Envision Cloud right now to see the new commission enhancements on your own.

Want your employees to double their commission checks without being sleazy? Learn more about employee goal and commissions plans here. And don't miss all the latest updates to Cloud by staying up to date with the What's New Tab