Does Your Business Need a Makeover? The Ultimate Marketing Makeover for Salons in 2 Simple Steps

PSA: Businesses Need Makeovers Too

Does marketing for your salon or Med Spa really matter? 
You’ve already got the clientele, your regulars, and referrals. Why keep marketing when your lobby is filled? Clients sit and wait, looking at their unpolished and chipped nails, embarrassed by their overgrown roots and split ends. What’s stopping them from going somewhere else when appointments are booked and their stylist is out? Maybe you have a great front desk gal who finds an opening for them. Or maybe, your staff could be working in Vogue with their skills. Regardless of what makes your business top tier, why risk losing clients with cold marketing? 
Clients are waiting for their makeover, how long will they wait before their chipped nail pushes them over the edge? 
Take a peek in the mirror. 
Does your business need a makeover? 
No, not a cosmetic makeover. We’re not talking about aesthetics. No new chairs, or mirrors. No cliches, “out with the old, in with the new.” Marketing, my friend. More branding, more relationship-building, more promotion of your business. 
A marketing makeover.
 Keep your salon, MedSpa, or business at the top by increasing email marketing campaign, personalized marketing, location-based promos, and more.
Even with clients on the waiting list, there are certain “expectations” to keep up appearances. Your clients have their regular check-ups, fills, and touch-ups, start doing the same and touch-up your marketing.  
 Here’s your marketing makeover:

Email Marketing Campaign for New AND Existing Clients 

Consistent and effective marketing isn’t always about gaining new clients, marketing is also an efficient way to sustain current relationships with clients. As a business owner, you want to keep up with rock star marketing trends and create NEW trends. You’re in the beauty industry, styles go from HOT to NOT within days. Marketing isn’t any different. Regardless of what type of business you’re running, here’s how to stay on the HOT list:
  • Automated Marketing for Different Visits 

Birthdays, anniversaries, first visits, thank you(s), long time-no sees, and referrals are just a few of the automated reminders you could send to your clients. At Envision Cloud, we make these templates for you, so you don’t have. Sending automated marketing is easy when the templates are already made for you. winking face 
  • Headers

Who doesn’t love a good header? Headers are a good attention grabber and nice addition to a blog post or marketing email. 

  • Personalized Content

A nice note that makes an email personalized can go a long way. Think about when someone remembers your name... it feels good. This is the same concept for your clients when sending an email. 

Separate Campaigns Based on Client’s Preferred Location

Check out the new AND improved email campaign updates! If you have multiple locations, this update was made for you! We added the option to set a preferred location when sending an email marketing campaign. Select the appropriate location for your regulars, so they never miss a beat. 
With the preferred location, you can send separate email campaigns for separate locations. But, instead of manually selecting the location, you can set it as a default so it merges all of your clients who belong to that specific location together. This way each campaign can be personalized for your clients. 
Learn how to set a preferred location below: 

Step 1. Go to one of your client's profiles.

Step 2. Then, click the Pref. Location option. Hit SAVE. 


Step 3. Now, go to the Email Marketing Wizard and send away! 

So what do you think? Pretty, simple right? Polish your business with email marketing and check out the new updates by visiting Envision Cloud. Marketing focuses on gaining new clients, but at the same time, solidifies and strengthens the relationship with existing clients.  Want to speak with an expert? Contact one of our experts here.