Run Your Business Like a Boss With A Quarter 3 Rewind


THREE Upgrades to Match Quarter THREE Updates


 Rewind, let’s take it back to the Q3 Updates! We’re diving deep into our THREE favorite updates because we simply can’t stop talking about it. We’re yelling these updates from the mountain tops, meet us there? All improvements big OR small are considered milestones for us at Envision. Even small updates and upgrades can go a long way when it comes to operating a business and our developers released many this quarter, just for our loyal Envision Clouders. 

Below you’ll see a couple of our Envision Cloud software milestones.

#1 Anniversary & Thank You, Section for Automated Marketing 

Whoo hoo, more marketing! 

We know we talk about our automated marketing features all the time, but here we go again because these are NEW. 

Add your client’s anniversary date to their profile AND send an anniversary email automatically! 

Anniversary emails can help with:
  • keeping you out of the dog house with your clients
  • keeping you off the couch with your clients 
  • staying in the honeymoon stage with your clients

“Thank You for Your Visit” emails can also be found in the automated marketing tab. Send them after each visit or whenever you’re feeling your clients need an extra “thanks.” One per day no matter how many services were completed! Go to the Automated Marketing tab and look for the Thank You tab to starting sending. Thank You emails are just as important as anniversaries. Show your clients gratitude by reminding them how much they mean to you.

Thank You emails can help with:
  • showing love to your clients 
  • gaining a mailing a list 
  • gaining repeat clients 


Revamp your relationship with clients by sending an anniversary OR thank you email through the automated marketing tab. 
P.S. Include a link to your Google, Facebook, or Yelp reviews to build your online reputation!

#2 Automated Billing Failure Notification Option to Memberships 

It can be awkward sometimes telling a client that their billing didn’t go through. Avoid those awkward conversations by sending an automated billing failure notice. You can send emails automatically to clients letting them know their membership billing failed. Customize your email to ask clients to give a call to update their billing so they don't miss any awesome membership benefits.  

*This notice only goes out if you use the automatic billing cycle process.



#3 Default Gift Card Expiration Date

Who doesn’t love gift cards? Some say gift cards are insensitive but we know gift cards are basically free money. But, gift cards are no fun when you don’t know the expiration date. Then, you’re rushing to spend it and you can’t savor your gift card. We’re putting that to rest, we added the ability to set your own expiration date. Before Envision had expiration dates capped at 5 years (1,825 days) for all gift cards. But, maybe you’d like to change that?

Gift cards for everyone - WITH an expiration date of your choosing! You can adjust this time frame in the company settings. Go to company settings, adjust the default # of days for when certificates should expire.


If someone does (sadly) use an expired gift card the card will not be found in the POS system when you go to redeem. However, the gift card will still be present in the Gift Cards list, but under EXPIRED.

When you set the default yourself, it will not change the current gift card expiration dates. All gift cards sold prior to the changed default will continue to be 5 years. Once you save the NEW default date, it will be live from then on. 

Here’s a few of our top favs from the Quarter 3 updates, stay tuned for more information, tips and trick about the updates. We’ll be posting everything you need to know about the updates here on Envision Pulse and this is feature Friday.