Small Things Can Go a Long Way for Your Waitlist: How to Manage Your Waitlist Better with Q3 Updates

We love the Q3 Updates to the Waitlist 

It’s that time of the year again… for UPDATES. Quarter 3 updates in fact. One of our favorites is the UPGRADED waitlist features. (requires paid SMS features) No one likes to wait, and we understand that. With these new features, clients can be just as happy on the waitlist as they are in the chair. 

Online booking is one way to improve your waitlist, but what about when all appointments are booked? 
Yippee for more clients, yahoo for more money, but boohoo managing a waitlist isn’t easy. Keeping up with regulars and balancing potential clients can be a lot at once. When the waitlist starts filling up you want to deliver immaculate service from the moment they walk in the door, till the moment they walk out. You might be asking yourself, my stylists are with other clients how can they focus on the waiting list too?
When selling services, keeping up with client relationships and satisfaction is #1 on your TO-DO list. When the waitlist starts getting long and the waiting room starts filling up it’s easy to fall off the wagon with your TO-DO’s. Here’s the easy DO’s you can incorporate into your waiting list to increase client satisfaction without bothering your stylists. 

Add a default SMS text message to the waitlist message. 

*requires paid SMS features* 

You no longer have to type a new message when you want to text a client from the waitlist. We've added a default message for you!  But you're not stuck with a generic message. Thanks to the Q3 updates you can get creative and customize your message to fit your style.
Go to Company Settings > Calendar Options to create your own text message to send updated appointments or availability to clients on the waitlist. 



Easy search with client’s contact information now on the waitlist search window

When you click on the client waiting list, the screen will now display the client’s name, address, home number, mobile number, and email address in addition to the available times. We know things get busy, so this will show you exactly who is waiting on an appointment and you can give them a call now. No more going back to the client record to find their contact information!


These are little things that go a long way when it comes to managing numerous clients on the waiting list. Customers appreciate the small gestures to remind them they’re not just one of the many. Keeping customers happy throughout the experience will pay off big dividends for your business and your employees. Happier clients typically mean happier tips and happier reviews. slightly smiling face