Styling Your Client Relationship

Clients, clients, clients, you both love and hate them. On a day when several have canceled and that one comes in with an extra coffee in hand, we love them! On another when a black hair goddess sits in your chair and shows you a picture of the platinum style they want to emulate, we're ready to close up shop (just kidding). But all in all, building strong, lasting relationships that go beyond what grows on their head is what will usually keep them committed and coming back for more. This week we tackle styling your client relationships to build stronger, healthier bonds much like that beautiful hair they leave the salon with!

Get to Know Her. No, REALLY, Get to Know Her

We get it, we're all busy. It's probably one of the top complaints you hear from your clients, they just don't have the time anymore. Whether they be a busy mom or career woman, it is imperative to your relationship with your clients to get to know their lifestyle. Once someone new sits down in your chair, take that first visit to get to know what a normal day for them is like, do they have 5 minutes to get ready before rushing the kids off to school or do they enjoy starting the day at the gym and heading directly to the office from there? Whatever the case make sure you are helping her make hair choices that fit her lifestyle. Give them a style they can maintain and love and, therefore, love you for it! For example, a mother of 5 doesn't need a style that takes hours to recreate or lots of maintenance but a girl in her 20s who's been dying for fantasy hair needs to be prepared beforehand on the cost and expectations to keep the colors bright and healthy. 

Recommend products that extend the life of their services! If you have a low maintenance client that is looking for home solutions so she isn't in every month, give them to her and you'll get all the business when she does come in, and even more, down the road should she want to try something different or refer a friend!  Envision can do this for you by recommending the best products for the services they receive upon check out. This is a great way to boost additional sales on products and show off your level of expertise through product knowledge. Find ways to commit to their brains that spending the money on professional hair care products will bring the best possible home experience of any salon service. Why spend $5 taking care of a color that was over $200? If you are willing to spend the money on the service to get your hair done, you need to follow up with it by having the best home care for it possible. You wouldn't wash an expensive dress with dollar store detergent, right? The same principle applies here.

Noting what they like to drink when arriving at the salon is another simple but effective way to stand out from other hairdressers. If you know they are a caffeine addict, have the cup ready upon their arrival for a great start to an appointment! You can make notes like these that make a difference in their client profiles in Envision.


Find a Common Interest

Half the time as a stylist, it can be really hard to service someone you don't get along with. We always keep it professional, of course, but isn't it much more fun when you know that client you love is coming in? Finding a common interest with your clients is key to breaking that barrier beyond "Stylist and Client", humanizing yourself into someone with a life and interests makes you much more relatable! Ask if they are binging a new show on Netflix or if they started seeing someone new, topics like these can keep an extrovert talking for hours, keeping them busy while you work your magic! Also having that reputation as the stylist that is cool and easy to talk to is a great reference to have when your clients are talking about you to their friends.

Speaking of their friends, remind your clients who are more frugal that they can save when their friends come in! Starting a loyalty program where your clients are rewarded every time they come in, and we know the ones that come in a lot, can bring them discounted treatments and products! Loyalty pays not only for your client who consistently walks out feeling great because of your work, but additional appointments work for you to fill up that calendar


Show How Valuable You Are

Some of the most important times in our careers come about with no notice and very little time to think. These are often "make it or break it" moments that arise in your career as a stylist! Say one of your favorite clients that has been coming to you for years is finally getting married and she asks you to do her wedding hair. There are several questions you need to answer for yourself first! Do you want to get into freelancing? Do you have your own kit for freelancing? Do you have business cards to hand out to other girls you meet that day? This could end up adding a list of services to your repertoire and adding another revenue stream into your life! Or if you decide to pass on the offer, think about how often an opportunity like that might come up. If it isn't your speed, then, of course, do what you please but often opportunities are hidden in our interactions with our clients! They come from all walks of life and you never know the connections someone has that could help out your career. If you are ambitious and ready to network, bring up your goals during lulls in conversation with clients, you never know where it could lead! 

If you're fully booked, keep a waiting list within Envision! It'll let you know when you have availability on your calendar so you can put someone in who contacts you last minute. Learn more about this feature here! Also, offer add-on services to those clients you overbooked. If you squeezed in a haircut while she was supposed to be washing, offer a smoothing treatment that takes up the same amount of time as that haircut and you've just made additional revenue while still servicing multiple clients!

Never forget the power of remembering a special occasion. Send special messages and offers for their birthday so they feel extra special! Even an offer on their first visit will keep them happy and coming back for more since they already know they can save money with you. Using Envision's Automated Marketing Features is the perfect way to set up those messages once and have them send at the perfect moment every time!


The Final Look

We trust that these tips will help you not only conquer your client business but set the standard for how well your clients should be getting treated on a daily basis! These practices are easy enough to incorporate into every session with a client, and with the Envision Software, a lot fo then are done automatically. Are you ready to go forth and conquer your appointments with style and grace?! Let us know on social how you are taking a stand to be more than a stylist with the hashtag #EnvisionThePossibilities and master your salon with Envision!