3 Self Care Tips for Salon Professionals [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mental health used to be something that was hidden in the shadows but, with October 10th being #WorldMentalHealthDay, it is now being talked about more than ever before! With the rise of Self Care and mindfulness practices, positive mental health seems to be in vogue. Though when you work in an industry that is all about catering to others and making sure they are having the best and most relaxing time during each service, things might get unhealthy on the provider’s side of the equation.

We at Envision Salon & Spa want to ensure our clients, their employees and customers are receiving the help they need to ensure that their business is a smashing success and that they enjoy it along the way. If you or someone you know needs immediate mental health assistance, these resources are available to help. But while in the salon, here are three things you can do daily to ensure you are taking care of your mental health in the best way possible:


Take a Moment to Breathe

Hairstylists are often overbooked and overworked, especially on weekends. (Is there anything more hectic than a fully booked salon on a Saturday before a major holiday? We don’t think so!) And as a business owner you’re often running around, juggling inventory orders, retail displays, the front desk staff, and overall managing of your business. You’ve worked hard to achieve the incredible goal of owning your own business! So make sure you are taking a moment every day to truly take in all that you have accomplished to get to this point. Don’t let your business overwhelm and run your life.

There are many meditation apps and breathing exercises available across the web, but we suggest you start out by waking up 5 minutes earlier, heading somewhere in your home with no sounds or distractions, sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes, and just focusing on your breathing for 1-2 minutes. Your mind may wander a lot in the beginning; this is normal! Just let the thoughts come and let them go, and you will immediately feel more relaxed and prepared to start your day.


Get Organized

To avoid feeling overwhelmed each day, we highly suggest getting your schedule organized on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Envision can help you do this for your business with our fully featured appointment book but for your personal life, a handheld planner or mobile app such as the Calendar and Reminder Apps available on a cell phone can go a long way in easing your daily stress. Studies have shown that having the ability to physically cross things off your To-do list as you complete them, can do wonders for combating mental chaos.

Take some time while you are organizing your schedule to find what is causing you the most stress in your life. If you find your business to be the answer- which aspect is causing the most stress? Is it the constantly revolving door of employment in your salon? Maybe you are too busy in your day to set up interviews for open positions: It might be time to designate a Salon Manager to oversee employee retention while you work on the aspects of your business that bring you joy. Never be afraid to bring in someone else to handle an important business task. Successful businesses are not built alone! If you remember nothing else from this article, we encourage you to find the stressor, make the plan for a solution, attack it head on, and #EnvisionThePossibilities for a better future using this practice daily.


Focus on The Positives

We understand how matter-of-fact a tip of “Focusing on the Good in Life” may sound. While this sounds easy, it is a decision you are going to have to make about 1,000 times a day. When a client is a no-call no-show, focus on the positive. Were your stylists booked back-to-back anyway and could use a break? Are you keeping track of how often this happens? Does this happen so often that you may need to start taking deposits for appointments, charging either a fee or the service’s full price when this happens? Take the opportunity to reflect on each problem that comes your way so you can reassess and create an action plan so it doesn’t happen or affect your business again.

Now is the perfect time to assess your staff or, if you aren’t a business owner yet, co-workers. Who is dead weight and causing more harm than good? Would your business be better off and more profitable without them? If you have a large staff and haven’t had a chance to connect with everyone, have one of your managers do a check-in before a performance review to ensure your staff is happy at work. One of the top 10 reasons employees quit their jobs is because they don’t have a relationship with their boss. When you take the time to learn about and connect with your employees, it makes them feel that they are part of the business. If you can connect the dots about how reaching their benchmark goals helps the business reach its goals, employees feel more connected to their work and are more likely to stay on long-term. Who in your business is being underutilized? Take some time to find out who is looking for a chance to shine, and if they deserve it, give it to them. You never know who will surprise you (and take some things off your to-do list)!


Envision really values our relationship with our clients. We wouldn’t be an industry leader and where we are without you and want to ensure we are helping to make your business a success. That’s why we follow our mission statement- “We take care of your business, so you can take care of your clients.” Cut your To-do list in half with Envision today and take a moment to connect with others, not just on World Mental Health day but every day.