The Biggest 2018 Salon Trend Is.... (With The GIFs That Help Tell It)

2017 was a big year for the salon industry (profits ALONE are projected to reach $49.3 billion by the end of 2017!) and an even bigger year for stylists and owners who were looking to own up their own salons (1.3 million salon and barber shop owners!). While the industry has been booming and we've been talking to our clients, both new and old, going over their successes and failures, we have seen one huge theme going on in every client problem we see. With this, we've nailed the BIGGEST Salon Industry Trend of 2018 and we're here to walk you through how your business can capitalize on the industry's hottest trend- before your competitors do!

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Walking into 2018 like...

Technology- It's Here To Stay

Across the board, we've gotten non-stop questions about how to keep clients coming in and out of competitor salons. Sure you can provide great customer service and make their #HairGoals dreams come true but, apparently, that isn't enough these days (go figure). With Salons doing entire Instagram overhauls showing their incredible creations every day, your clients are bound to have their interest peaked! Make it easier for them to not only remember you but book with you when it's convenient for them by getting your own mobile app! A customized app you can get your clients to download will literally keep your business living on their phone. While they swipe to open their email, social media or pay a bill, you're right there! The exposure is incredible and completely convenient for your client, no more mystery about when you have an open appointment, or whether it's worth it to join your loyalty program, all the answers are right there at their fingertips.

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Add-Ons To Your Salon Customers Will LOVE

Let's say you have a client who loves to take that time in the chair to browse through emails, check text messages or even Snapchat from the chair showing off their appointment! (Pro Tip: Encourage Instagramming and Snapchating as long as they get the final look and tag you and your salon! The exposure could gain you new clients!) If their phone is dying and you know they like to pass the time on their phone, install a charging station in your salon, or keep extra chargers for different kinds of phones at the front. Your clients will love you and appreciate this extra level of care and convenience.

Complimentary Wi-fi is key to being on top of the technology trend in 2018. If you want people to download your app, get on your website for easy booking, or follow you on social media to see everything you're up too- you need to make it as easy as possible to do! Even consider making your Wi-fi password your branded hashtag and after providing it to them, remind them to post, tweet and snap their experience. The more you provide for them, the more they will feel like they owe you something and that something will keep them coming back!

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Having a mobile-friendly, UPDATED website is another sure fire way to not only keep clients coming back but attract new ones as well. It's true salon are taking over social media, Instagram, in general, has become a smashing success for hundreds of salons and hair stylists looking to make a name for themselves, but Google isn't the #1 Search Engine in the world for no reason. You need to make sure your salon has an elegant, updated and accurate presence online across the web. If your updating your social media every day but your website still has your old operating hours, or even worse an old address, your message isn't consistent. If one staff member has decided to leave but she is still featured on your website when people are booking online, this could spell disaster when it comes to appointments and when those clients show up at your salon.

Make it easier on yourself and every time you decide to add a new social media channel to your business or go down a new revenue stream make sure whoever is in charge of your online presence can handle juggling something new into the mix while keeping everything else running. The easiest way for your message to stay consistent online is to have the same handle/ username for every profile across all networks. This way when people are trying to find you, the message is clear and direct, as well as coming up with some branded hashtags for your salon to keep the conversation going even when they have left the salon.

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What Else Should We Expect?

2018 will be a big year for technology as far as consumers are concerned. Everyone has become accustomed to tech being a normal part of their everyday lives, and now the standards are higher. Brands are reinventing themselves with crisp, clean, modern logos that appeal to a younger audience. Many large hair care brands are opening up their own salons and thousands of salons are getting thousands of likes on Instagram. In 2018 we will see an even bigger rise in front desk staff spending less time at the desk doing mundane tasks like picking up the phone and penciling appointments into a scary physical calendar, they will become Custome Care experts who need to be trained on selling the retail you have and pushing clients to prebook. They should listen for compliments and complaints and encourage customers to share their positive experiences on social media. If your salon can be on top of the biggest trend in the industry now, then 2018 will be smooth sailing! Stay up to date with the latest industry news right here on Envision Pulse!

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In all seriousness, we would like to thank all of our clients for a very successful and incredible 2017! This year we grew more than ever before and hope 2018 we will smash the ceiling by not only providing the software you know and love but being your guide to the industry you work in. We have some exciting things on the rise for 2018 and you won't want to miss a second of it! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Envision! 


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