Retaining Your Customers Via E-Marketing



Ask any Salon or Spa owner that’s starting out or building their business what the most difficult aspect of their business is and they’ll most likely cite reaching or even retaining customers. When you bring up the concept of marketing to them, most neglect the idea of it because they believe it will be a “time consuming” or “costly endeavor.” One of the advantages that Envision has thought of for your business is the Email Marketing Capabilities BUILT-IN to the Envision system you use today at NO additional cost to you.


Now, let’s take one step back…

We already know that email marketing is important for your business but let us understand exactly what email marketing is. 


E-Marketing is a sure fire way to reach your customers or prospective customers through email when the individuals have given your business crystal clear consent to contact them. One of the downfalls of some businesses that get emails is that they over-saturate the customer with emails making it impossible for them to decipher a clear message or benefit to them, this in turn will become an annoyance and will likely lead you on their “spam” list. With Envision you are able to tailor these messages to those individuals so that you can assure them that any message they are getting is going to be beneficial to them! We of course do this with the use of our client filter system.




Envision’s Client Filter allows you to go through your client’s with a “fine tooth comb” and construct filters to create targeted marketing opportunities for your business. For example, let’s say that you send out an email that contains information on a sale on a color service this month. You can have a setup within Envision in one of two ways, one you can set it to know who has bought Color Services, and as a result this email can reach them directly. Or two, the opposite and you can send it to customers whom have never purchased color and should; your choice. When properly implemented, these targets will relate to the client making them much more likely to answer the email and of course them responding to the email offer brings in revenue into your salon you wouldn’t have prior to the email campaign.





Let’s add a little more excitement to this already exciting feature of Envision.


Envision Software has what we like to call E-SMARKETING (Email Smart Marketing) that will automatically send to your customers. This is a way to continually drive revenue into your business without having to even work on it or I like to say “set it and forget it.” 



Executing this will place you leaps and bounds above the “others” because you (with the help of Envision) “remembered them!” How nice do you feel when someone sends you a Birthday message? Or when someone notices you haven’t been around in a while and now “misses you?” Envision’s Smart Email Marketing could follow up with things like this, automatically! Then when they receive this email (and possibly a discount code) you will likely entice them to come back and make purchases and/or book an appointment! Pretty cool, huh?




In closing, Email marketing allows your salon and spa (or other businesses with Envision) to email the customer whenever you want! While not every email needs to be a “sales pitch,” your connections with the customer should provide value to them! Whether this is a coupon or sale you’re offering, an email asking them for feedback relating to your business (side note: we also have surveys), or even to update them on new hair products coming out or the latest cut or color design that is a MUST HAVE for Summer, using Envision’s email marketing and esmarketing to stay connected to your customers keeps your company in the forefront of their minds. Please review our Help guides or Envision Online University for more on how to effectively conquer your email marketing potential! Happy Emailing!