Why Wait? Get Version 8!




As technology advances and grows, so do we! Envision Version 8 now offers MySQL - a database structure that is quicker, less costly, and more flexible than previous databases. This behind-the-scenes update is the foundation for exciting new features available in Envision.


We listened to your suggestions and added features to Envision V8 to help you manage your daily tasks efficiently and enhance your money-making opportunities! Check out just a few of the reasons why Version 8 is right for you. 




Connect from Anywhere


Take your business with you, wherever you are!  Version 8 with MySQL database allows you to connect to your Envision database using your home computer, laptop, or any computer with Envision Software installed.

  • Run payroll, pull reports, make schedule adjustments from home
  • Create and setup marketing campaigns right when the idea strikes!
  • Optionally, host your data in the Cloud. 




Workstations Included

Gone are the days of paying a fee for each workstation you added to your network. With MySQL, you can add as many workstations as your edition allows and only pay a one-time networking charge.  









EMV Credit Card Processing Compatibility

Protect your business and your clients from fraudulent credit card charges with EMV compatibility.  Envision is proud to be the first software company in the industry to support chip-and-pin cards.  Integrated credit card processing with Envision and Integrity offers more benefits and more security for you and your customers. Accept Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and other NFC payment options.


(Must have Version 8 and a merchant account with Integrity for EMV support.)



 Increase Retail Sales with Retail Reminders

Envision’s NEW eSMarketing feature automatically emails clients the day after their visit if they do not purchase a retail product. Since Envision’s email templates are completely customizable, you can brand the email to your business identity and create your own message, including adding a link to your online shopping cart, like Shop Salon.








Faster Marketing Processes & Tracking

Be sure your email campaigns are being delivered to your client by checking the new email marketing audit system and email log.  See exactly who your message was sent to and when it was sent.


Send a “Preview” of your marketing SMS text message to verify the information before it’s sent to clients.


 (Requires SMS service with Roaring Surf.)



 Instant Chat for Networked Computers

Send instant messages to co-workers using Envision on the same network.  This offers a quick and easy way for service providers to communicate with the front desk and for owners/managers to update staff on company announcements. 


If you’re not on Version 8 already, you’re missing out! Give us a call to learn about additional features available in the latest release.  VIP support clients, remember you earn upgrade credits for every month you’re on support, so contact Crystal today to see how to get started with Envision Version 8! 


Crystal Witherspoon: cwitherspoon@ennoview.com  |  800-231-9445 ext 3102.