Does Your Business Need a Makeover? The Ultimate Marketing Makeover for Salons in 2 Simple Steps
by Clarissa Tusa | September 13, 2019

Does marketing for your salon or Med Spa really matter? You’ve already got the clientele, your regulars, and referrals. Why keep marketing when your lobby is filled? Clients sit and wait, looking at their unpolished and chipped nails, embarrassed by their overgrown roots and split ends. What’s stopping them from going somewhere else when appointments are booked and their stylist is out? Learn the ultimate marketing makeover in 2 simple steps below.

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Tired of Falling Behind Competition? How to Dominate the Beauty Industry With Rock Star Marketing
by Clarissa Tusa | August 23, 2019

Ever think Elvis could pertain to marketing? Us, either. But, when it comes to beauty, hair, and being all-around fabulous, The King has us all beat. So, how do you dominate the beauty industry when technology keeps growing and growing? Marketing. Learn why a customized app, email marketing, and Envision Cloud can make you the Elvis of your industry in the blog below.